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god damnit mom, i'm a 15 year old boy, what do you expect
what, do you not want me to do the things that make me grow up to be a man?

the priest at the church, told me to not touch my woody
but its not my fault that it feels good in the microwave
the way it burns and grows into a grapefruit
lets hope mom doesn't walk in on me again,
but moms gotta be the #1 pornstar in the sky

tits lookin like the moon

i don't even wanna know what the son's lookin like
oh wait i am the son
but look at the way she cummin in the way
in a bad way, in a gross way, "that" way, you want it to be the way

but its gonna be good for every other 15 year old boy and girl out there
not me, not me, not me,

because i'm cursed
with this mother
who's a porn star,
and everybody wants her

but not me,
because i'm just 15 and its not my fault
that the internet porn is free
it's free for you and me
but nobody else

my mom's gotta be the #1 pornstar in the sky
look into the moon, gonna die
when i think about my son in mysterious ways, in a bad way,
in a gay way, unless my dick in my mac computer,
get a virus
at the same time got that
cancer dick
and its walkin around the city of LA


from Viagra Ghost, released December 21, 2014



all rights reserved


The Wall Nuts New Cairo City, Egypt

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